Bower is an independent family manufacturing business…

Bower Products is a family run business since 1984 with a history of providing a comprehensive range of quality products to the Pest Control, Hygiene and Hospitality industries.

For more than three decades Bower’s objective has remained the same, ‘to design and manufacture specialist equipment for the Pest Control, Washroom and Hotel industries at realistic prices whilst maintaining a consistently high quality.’

Bower sells these products via its international network of wholesalers and pest control, hygiene & washroom service providers.

The company’s dedication to its UK and international distributor network is renowned the world over.

Designers, Manufacturers & Suppliers

Not only do we design and develop products for our own portfolio but we also design and manufacture bespoke products for many other companies, both large and small.

At Bower, research and development are the key

By listening to our clients and by anticipating developing trends, we are able to keep distributors one step ahead of the competition while the others are struggling to keep pace.

This has been our policy since the company was founded and we will continue to have every intention of maintaining it well into the future.

Enjoying your retirement but we haven’t forgotten you Tina!

It’s been more than three years since Tina finally hung up her phone for the last time and in the midst of holiday season, she took a permanent vacation as a lady of leisure. She had earlier started out 30 years ago just providing holiday cover for a couple of weeks!

“Where oh where have the last 30 years gone? What a blast I have had nurturing and watching Bower Products grow into the successful company it is today. I will treasure always the lasting friendships I have made along the way, with our many distributors and suppliers.

It has been an absolute joy to have worked with such a wonderful team at Bower. Our working day, though always busy, is full of laughter and banter…” she said smiling.

Since then she has been quite busy dividing time between seeing friends and helping out as a volunteer at the Harefield Heart Transplant Unit. You may still find her occasionally answering the phone as she pops by the office to say hello and see how we’re all doing when she’s in the neighbourhood. Cheerful as ever.