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Just a quick word about our Image Gallery…

We are happy to be of assistance when it comes to helping with our products so we have included a range of images on this website that our customers may copy and use for their literature or feature on their own websites.

There is a drop down menu that appears under the Gallery button so simply choose either Pest Control Images, Washroom Images or Hospitality Images. Or click on one of the images shown below.

Pest Control Image categories

Images available for Electric Grid Fly Killers / Glue Board Fly Killers / Standard lamps / UVC, BLB and Food Enhancement Lamps / Glue Boards / Trays, Brackets etc / Spares & Miscellaneous Items / Line Drawings

Washroom Image categories

Images available for Hand Dryers / Fragrance Machines / Bactokill / Other Washroom Products / fragrance replacements & Batteries / Line Drawings

Hospitality Image categories

Images available for Hair Dryers / ironing Centres / Check-a-note / Other Hotel Products / Batteries, Spares & Misc / Line Drawings

Then please feel free to call us on 0208 903 0983 to arrange for a free CD to be sent to you by post.

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